Jonsson Protein Reviews: Should I Cut My Hair Short If It’s Thinning?

Navigating thinning hair can be an unsettling experience. Not only does it affect the way we style our hair, but it often chips away at our self-esteem, too. In your quest for solutions, you might have stumbled upon various theories, such as those championing shorter haircuts as a way to combat thinning hair and even suggestions on trimming or shaving your hair to accelerate its growth.

But how much truth is there to these ideas? In this article, Jonsson Protein Reviews these beliefs so you’ll have a clearer picture of what is the best way forward for your thinning locks!

What Causes Thinning Hair?

Myth 1: Cutting My Hair Short Stops Hair Thinning

FALSE: There’s also something about a fresh, blunt haircut that gives the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. This is because this style typically cuts off enough length to prevent your hair from being weighed down and appearing flat. Additionally, shorter hair is often easier to style and adds volume at the roots, providing a fuller appearance to otherwise thinning tresses.

However, hair thinning is a multifaceted issue with various underlying causes that may not always be addressable by cosmetic methods. A case in point is male and female pattern baldness, which are genetic conditions that a shorter haircut won’t be able to resolve. For a more effective approach to managing thinning hair, it’s recommended that you review your condition with professionals like Jonsson Protein, who are equipped to identify the root cause of your hair loss and provide targeted treatment.

 Myth 2: Hair Grows Faster if You Cut it

FALSE: Contrary to popular belief, cutting your hair does not directly accelerate its growth as hair growth originates from the scalp, so snipping off the ends won’t make your locks sprout faster. However, regular trims do play a vital role in enhancing the appearance of your hair as they remove split ends and damaged hair while preventing further damage from split ends travelling up the hair shaft.

To truly promote hair growth, you may want to review your diet and switch it up with one rich in nutrients essential for hair health, such as essential fatty acids, Vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, and protein. Besides this, complementing your diet with professional solutions like Jonsson Protein’s hair thinning treatment can also help optimise your outcomes.

Developed based on extensive review and research, Jonsson Protein’s treatment incorporates a premium hydrolysed protein with a smaller molecule size. How this helps is that it enables the vital nutrients to better penetrate your shaft and stimulate the hair follicle growth cycle, paving the way for hair to grow out faster.

Myth 3: Direct Sunlight on the Head causes a Balding Crown

FALSE: Despite the scorching sensation on your scalp after a day at the beach, direct sunlight isn’t a culprit for causing a balding crown. In fact, sunlight can be somewhat beneficial for your hair as it aids in producing vitamin D, a key nutrient supporting hair follicles and maintaining scalp health.

That said, moderation is key. With excessive sun exposure, you risk a sunburn on your scalp, which damages the protective oils and the cellular structure of your hair and the skin on your scalp, leading to dryness and potential hair breakage.

If you’re planning a day outdoors, like at the beach, what you can do is wear a hat or use an umbrella to shield your crown from the sun’s intense rays. If you already notice signs of hair thinning, Jonsson Protein can help review your condition and offer treatments to combat the balding early to prevent further deterioration of your hair health.

A Scientific Approach to Managing Hair Thinning

If we have to drill down to one piece of advice after this review, it is that the world is rife with myths about balding crowns and thinning hair. Sometimes, venturing down the vast internet rabbit hole in search of answers can lead to more confusion than clarity. As such, it is more beneficial to educate yourself on the science behind hair health, and you can start by checking out the previous blogs published by Jonsson Protein. Alternatively, book an appointment with us today for tailored advice on how best to manage hair thinning and promote hair growth.