Jonsson Protein Reviews: Types and First Signs of Hair Thinning

Lush locks enhance our appearance, and thinning hair can quickly erode our confidence. While scalp type plays a role in the volume of hair you have, it’s far from the only factor, for hair loss is an intricate problem that can also result from physical and mental health concerns. To truly combat hair thinning, learning to discern these factors is crucial. In this blog, Jonsson Protein reviews the first warning signs that indicate some of the prevalent hair loss conditions commonly diagnosed.

First Signs of Hair Thinning

It’s natural for us to shed between 50 to 100 hairs daily. However, if you’re grappling with hair thinning, you might notice this number feeling unsettlingly higher. The first telltale signs include discovering more hair than usual on your brush, spotting strands on your clothes, or even having clumps of hair clogging up your sink or bathtub. An overall appearance of thinner hair, a noticeably broader parting, shifting hairlines, or the emergence of bald spots could be more direct markers of the issue.

Types of Hair Loss

1. Illness and Medications

In patients with certain health conditions, hair thinning is often the unexpected aftermath, and here are some of the common types of medical conditions associated with hair concerns:

  • Thyroid Problems: Both overactive and underactive thyroid conditions can instigate hair loss.
  • Cancer: While certain cancers like Hodgkin’s lymphoma might induce hair loss, chemotherapy remains the predominant factor in most cases.
  • Inflammation and Infections: Situations where inflammation or bacteria culminate in hair follicles can lead to hair loss. Conditions like Tinea infections manifest hair loss in isolated patches and accompanying symptoms like scalp scaling.
  • Alopecia Areata: This autoimmune disorder causes abrupt hair loss.
  • Hereditary Conditions: Both males and females can inherit pattern hair loss. Men often notice receding hairlines starting from the temples, resembling an ‘M’ shape, while women generally experience a diffused thinning, commencing with a widening of their parting but retaining their front hairline.

The silver lining here is that many of these conditions are manageable. With thorough review by our experts at Jonsson Protein, and our specialised protein treatments, you can cleanse, rejuvenate, and recalibrate your scalp’s pH balance, setting the stage for promoting hair growth.

2. Nutritional Deficiencies

Hair health also directly mirrors the nutritional choices we make. Integral to this equation is protein, the foundation of hair follicles. However, out of the 20 vital amino acids required for hair growth, our body only produces 11. The remaining nine ones are derived from our diet, emphasising the importance of a protein-rich diet to avoid hair loss.

As such, vegetarians or individuals embracing restrictive diets might find themselves particularly vulnerable to such deficiencies. For individuals with digestive problems or malabsorption, the condition can also prevent your body from having adequate nutrients. This consequently sets the stage for hair thinning, which first manifests through subtle signs like brittle hair or a lack of its characteristic shine.

If you recognise these signs, it might be time to reconsider your diet. Additionally, having a professional like Jonsson Protein review your condition is also recommended to administer timely treatments that prevent an aggravation of your condition.

At Jonsson Protein, our hair loss treatments in Singapore utilise premium protein hydrolysed into easily absorbable small molecules, which we deliver to your scalp directly. Through this, we ensure that your hair gets the full nourishment it requires, even when your diet falls short.

3. Hair Loss from Mental and Physical Stress

It’s no secret that periods of elevated tension in our lives can manifest physically, with hair thinning a distressing testament to it. The term for this is ‘telogen effluvium’, one of the leading causes of generalised scalp hair loss in Singapore that can reduce your hair volume by up to one-third.

But how does this happen? Basically, any shock to your body, such as an illness, surgery, significant life events or even chronic stress and extreme diets, can trigger telogen effluvium. The mechanism is straightforward: the stressors push hair prematurely from its growth phase (anagen) into the shedding phase (telogen), culminating in hair loss.

Telogen effluvium typically manifests on the crown. While the condition often spares the hairline and does not lead to complete baldness, the thinning could extend beyond the scalp in severe instances to affect your eyebrows or body hair. Its presentation can sometimes echo the patterns of male or female hair loss, but here’s the distinction: telogen effluvium is characterised by rapid shedding, while the hereditary conditions are progressive.
Recognising the need for a holistic approach to combat hair loss, Jonsson Protein’s scalp treatments incorporate professional massages to relieve stress. When paired with our in-depth scalp review and exclusive treatment formulations, you can effectively stimulate hair growth.

4. Hormonal Changes

Body imbalance, especially during events like post-pregnancy or menopause, can also trigger hair loss. Meanwhile, younger women may experience a similar episode when affected by polycystic ovarian syndrome, a prevalent endocrine disorder among women of reproductive age in Singapore.

The root cause lies in the diminished levels of oestrogen and progesterone, which results in slower hair growth. A reduction of these hormones then leads to an increase in androgen production, which shrinks hair follicles and results in hair loss.

As such, women should generally be wary when they notice excessive shedding or noticeable thinning. By turning to professionals like Jonsson Protein for reviews and tailored treatments, you can create a nourishing environment to alleviate your condition.

Review and Mitigate Hair Loss with Jonsson Protein

Understanding of the root cause of your hair loss condition is half the battle won. Nonetheless, minimising the effects of hair loss on your life requires early intervention. Don’t wait for your signs of hair loss to become more pronounced. Let our team at Jonsson Protein Singapore review your scalp today to find the ideal treatment that helps you keep your crowning glory glorious!