Jonsson Protein Reviews: What Habit Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss is common in our daily lives. Based on the American Academy of Dermatologists, it’s normal to lose approximately 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. However, there are instances when we become more aware of excessive hair fall, which can be concerning.

While genetics, hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, and metabolism issues are common causes of hair loss, certain everyday habits can also play a role but often fly under our radar. In this article, Jonsson Protein reviews some practices and haircare rituals that contribute to hair fall, so you’ll know what to avoid to maintain a fuller head of mane and say goodbye to excessive shedding.

1. Yoyo Dieting

Whether motivated by health or beauty goals, many of us are likely no strangers to the concept of dieting, and yoyo dieting is a term coined for one of these fads. In particular, it refers to weight cycling, which involves a repeated pattern of gaining and losing weight often via crash diets focused on calorie restriction.

When you subject your body to yoyo dieting, it doesn’t receive the necessary nutrients to sustain healthy hair growth, and this causes your hair follicles to enter a shedding phase, leading to increased hair loss. To further worsen the situation, the body’s lack of sufficient calories further pushes it to break down muscle cells. This can stress your body, including the hair follicles, contributing to hair loss.

What this means is that in your quest to address hair loss concerns, it is thus crucial to adopt a sustainable and well-balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrient-rich foods. By nourishing your body from within, you can provide your body with the vitamins and minerals needed to promote hair growth naturally and overall well-being.

2. Wrong Products and Haircare Habits

Using improper hair products and haircare routines can also contribute to hair loss. Many shampoos and hair products in the market contain harsh chemicals that can strip the scalp of its natural oils. Alcohol, for instance, causes dryness and brittleness, resulting in hair breakage. Meanwhile, sulphates in a shampoo remove excess oil and essential moisture, leaving the hair dry and unhealthy.

As such, it is crucial to carefully review the ingredients in your chosen hair products or research consumer reviews before purchasing. Besides this, you can also proactively incorporate shampoos and products targeting hair loss targeted into your haircare routine.

An example is Jonsson Protein’s specially formulated Pro-Hair series. Enriched with Jonsson Protein’s hydrolysed soy protein, the Pro-Hair series can strengthen and repair hair fibres to support optimal hair health, preventing or mitigating the onset of hair loss.

As a rule of thumb:

  • Be wary of excessive shampooing: This can also weaken your hair, resulting in further hair fall. 
  • Treat wet hair delicately, using a cotton towel for gentle absorption without rubbing.
  • Apply shampoo to the scalp, and focus the conditioner on the strands.
  • Avoid washing your hair with hot water, as it can strip away moisture, leading to dryness and breakage. Instead, use lukewarm water, lather the shampoo in your palms before gently massaging it onto your scalp and finishing off with a cool water rinse.

3. Using Heat on Unprotected Hair

Subjecting your hair to intense heat treatments without adequate protection can have detrimental effects. The high temperatures can harm the keratin, the protective outer layer of the hair, leading to moisture loss and structural damage. This causes the cuticles, the outer layer of the hair, to crack, leaving your hair susceptible to breakage and hair loss.

To safeguard your hair, it’s crucial to use heat protectants readily available in Singapore’s pharmacies before styling and minimise heat exposure whenever possible. By incorporating these practices into your haircare routine, you can help maintain the health and integrity of your hair.

Seek Professional Haircare Treatments for Optimal Results

As with any intervention, achieving positive results in addressing hair loss requires consistency and patience. Nonetheless, it is still possible to accelerate your outcomes. This is where seeking professional hair loss treatments can be a valuable option, especially those offered by reputable centres, such as Jonsson Protein, which flaunts a list of glowing reviews.

These treatments feature hydrolysed proteins, the essential building blocks of hair, in a form that enhances nutrient absorption by the scalp. Additionally, the formulations are enriched with glutamic acid, known for its ability to effectively stimulate the growth cycle of hair follicles, promoting both rapid and healthy hair growth.

With access to a dedicated team of beauty consultants who thoroughly review your condition to create a personalised treatment plan, you can also be confident in maximising the benefits of your sessions.

By adopting a multi-pronged approach of choosing a healthy lifestyle, suitable products and habits, and seeking professional assistance from experienced clinics or centres in Singapore, you can optimise your outcomes for managing hair loss.