Jonsson Protein Reviews: How Long Does Hair Take To Grow Back

The heart-wrenching reality of seeing clumps of hair in the drain or on the pillow can spark immediate panic in most of us. Fortunately, hair loss and hair thinning are reversible in many instances. But one burning question persists: How soon can we expect those strands to bounce back, and how do we grow it out faster? Let’s delve deeper into the timeline for hair regrowth and review solutions to nudge your locks towards a denser, fuller state organically with Jonsson Protein.

Hair Regrowth Cycle

Like the four seasons, hair experiences a cyclical journey that involves growth, rest, and eventual shedding. This journey comprises four stages:

  • Anagen: This is the growth phase when the hair on your scalp grows actively. How long this phase takes varies from anywhere between three and seven years.  
  • Catagen: This transitional period spans around 10 days, during which hair growth halts and the follicle shrinks. Although the hair detaches from its nourishing blood supply during this phase, it doesn’t fall out just yet.
  • Telogen: This is the rest period when hair does not grow and does not shed. About 10 to 15% of our hair is in this phase at any time. This phase, lasting about three months, eventually makes way for new hair, set to replace the old.
  • Exogen: This is where your scalp sets the stage for regrowth, and old hair falls off to make room for the new. This natural phase can span between two to five months.

Hair Loss

Typically, a healthy individual’s hair might grow half an inch monthly, and when you face hair loss, it’s often because the natural hair growth cycle has been disrupted. There are several reasons behind this disruption, ranging from age to climate and genetics, and they will determine how quickly and likely you are to experience hair regrowth.

Hormones, for instance, play a pivotal role in this growth equation. With fluctuations in testosterone levels, hair growth can be temporarily hindered. However, hair will continue to grow at its average rate as your hormones stabilise.

Stress is another factor that can induce hair loss, a condition termed telogen effluvium that typically begins six weeks to three months after the stressful incident. This can last up to six months or more if the stress persists, but addressing the root cause might see your hair returning to its former glory within half a year.

And then there’s Alopecia Areata. While organic hair regrowth may occur within a year for some, others might need to seek professional solutions in Singapore, such as treatments to help your hair grow faster.

How to Grow Hair Faster?

Review Your Condition at Jonsson Protein

For instance, a hair loss treatment at Jonsson Protein can set the foundation for organic hair regrowth through a personalised approach. This starts with a meticulous scalp review at Jonsson Protein’s centre in Singapore to identify your scalp type and needs, from which we design treatment plans tailored to your condition. As you progress, we further refine our solutions based on regular reviews with you to match the evolving health of your scalp.

Augmenting this is the use of Jonsson Protein’s proprietary hydrolysed protein formula, which comprises easily absorbable smaller molecules. This ensures your scalp can better absorb the nutrients to accelerate hair growth, as our glowing customer reviews attest to.

Lifestyle Changes

That said, you can also make other personal changes to complement Jonsson Protein’s review sessions and further expedite your hair regrowth journey.

For starters, review and identify the factors contributing to your hair loss situation and make lifestyle changes accordingly. If you’re grappling with telogen effluvium, turning to stress-relief techniques might be your key. Think yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and massages to ease the tension. If you have difficulty identifying the causes of your condition, speaking to Jonsson Protein’s trained beauty advisors can be useful. 

Adopt a Nutritious Diet

Another way to help your thinning hair is to ensure you eat well. Diet can play an important role in hair regrowth because your body needs to supply the proper nutrients for hair production. As we age, our bodies have a harder time getting all the necessary nutrients to our hair. That puts even more importance on eating well-balanced meals regularly.

But remember, hair regrowth demands patience and consistency to observe results. So, while you take incremental steps to cultivate new habits, why not schedule a review with Jonsson Protein concurrently to expedite your journey to fuller locks? Simply book your appointment online or drop by your nearest outlet today.